My Art Liberated and Art Received!

My Art Liberated and Art Received!

On February 17, 2014 I wrote about the postcard swap through Kat Sloma. I sent out six cards – five to swap with others from all over the world, and one for Kat herself. This event is a highlight in my life each time it is held, and this third year is no exception. It actually becomes more fun every time because each time I am better prepared and more pleased with what I’m sending.

If you refer back to that previously mentioned post, you can see the photo of the cards I had made for trade. I want to share with you the art I received now.

1. This one is from Michelle in Virginia, USA . Her website is



2. This one was from Claire in the UK. She wrote at the bottom “Excuse my wonky writing – I’m a stroke survivor.” Her website is



3. This one is from Sue Williams of New Bern, North Carolina, USA. I am a birder and I photograph birds a lot! I really love this (love them all, of course!). This one has a special cancellation mark – from The National Postal Museum Station at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC! Kat mailed these from there – how cool is that?



4. This one is from Barbara in the Pacific Northwest, USA. She is “mthoodmama” on Instagram and Flickr. I met her through the swap (online not in person) for the last three swaps, and follow her on both photo sites. I’m “Arty_Kat” on both sites, BTW.



5. This one is from Lisa Wolf and her email is listed as



6. The last one was from Kat Sloma, our Liberate Your Art Host! Her website is
And is is FULL of wonderful things to see and do!



The next post will have the extra swaps I’ve received thus far! I am always looking for more swapsies!

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  1. What a great idea to see the messages as well! I think next year, I’ll show the cards separately – this first swap has been a steep learning curve!
    And thank you for leaving a comment on my About page – it makes my day when people visit other pages on the blog 🙂
    It’s been lovely to meet you through the swap and Happy Easter from England x
    PS I ADORE your blog header – just stunning!

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    • Claire, I felt the same as you the first time ’round though my card was NOT as impressive as yours! Thank YOU for leaving a comment here- I’ve only ever had a couple of people comment before now, so it is thrilling to have people visit! I love your site and want to follow faithfully. We are far more alike than you’d ever imagine, and I love reading your posts!


  2. I have been to most of the blogs on the hop and you have a few postcards I have not seen yet. I love your postcards of the purple flowers. The light and airy feel, you captured their dedicate state of beauty.

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    • Jill, I’m so glad to read your comment! I really appreciate the compliment on my photos- you said exactly what I was going for! 🙂 thank you for visiting my blog- I will be by yours soon if it is in the hop!


    • Btw I did go to your blog but it wouldn’t let me add a comment no matter what I did 😦 I do hope you will see this – your post was terrific and you got cards that were beautiful AND that I’d not yet seen! Yours was cute, too! I’m interested in the ROY G BIV swap but I have trouble comprehending instructions by reading. I’ll try to figure it out. Sounds fun!


    • Vicki, Thank you so much!✨💖✨ so glad you dropped by! I don’t get many visitors so this is thrilling. I hope you find your cards -I have only seen one of mine so far, on the FB page. Nice to meet you!


  3. I really enjoyed seeing the back of the postcards. The handwritten notes really add that element we miss out on with emails. I look forward to this as well. Your art work is wonderful!

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    • Juana, I appreciate your comment – Thank you so much!✨💖✨ I was a little afraid of posting the backs but to me, they are as interesting as the fronts! So glad you enjoyed seeing them too! Thanks for visiting AND commenting!


  4. Arty-Kat, I only know about the Instagram group from reading about it in the FB group and I think I also saw something about it in one of Kat’s early emails. I’m not on IG so I don’t know the name of it but probably the same as the FB group name?

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  5. I recognized the purple flowers! I received one of your postcards. It landed in Oshkosh, WI. Thank you for participating and spreading a little garden cheer! — Michele at Sweet Leaf Notebook.

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    • Thanks, Cheri – I have to agree! I love releasing my art this way! Just wish more than one person had revealed they got one! But I’m not completely thru the blog hop yet!


  6. Thank you for sharing both the front and backs of your postcards so clearly. Some of these I had not seen before and in such excellent detail. I also love your owl header.:)

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  7. OK, I am sure I have commented before…. Must be totally losing my mind. I know, because last time I asked you if I had already commented. hahahaha

    I love, love, love the cards you created Kat. And you have such a nice batch too! i hope mine arrives soon, and Please tell me Kat if it gets damaged by the post, and I will send you a new one. I have seen three of mine that got all marked up.

    So glad we met through the swap and have kept in touch. Our late night chats are priceless to me!

    See you in the swap next year… and in between too!

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    • My dear, dear friend Sheila- you have done more to encourage me and motivate me than you can possibly know!
      I am so very thankful that our lives crossed in this wonderful way (thank you, Kat Sloma!, and I do believe we will be friends here in earth until we leave for Home…and have a great reunion again later! Love you, Sheila…
      Ps I’m So so so glad you like my cards! Have you got one yet?


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