Free To Be Me

Free To Be Me

For my entire life I have had an inner TaskMaster who has kept me from doing the things I love. If I wanted to paint, that voice came loud and clear telling me that I needed to do XYZ before I could paint. Have you ever experienced this?

Recently, I had an epiphany and I am going to fight that cruel TaskMaster. Here is the Mandala I made today. I’m new to drawing figures but at least I’m trying! LOL!


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  1. Not sure if this is your day 12 or not, but I pinned it just in case. i love it Kat! your declaration of indepenDANCE! I am laughing Kat, because I just finished my blog post for tomorrow, and I have not even started to paint for today! But I have a good reason. I have a painting started, and it is Downton Abbey night. So I got the hard stuff done first. Have a great night Kat!

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