The Butterfly

The Butterfly

I’m not done but wanted to share the WIP so far- not much longer now. Each section is intricate and I’d guess 95% of the patterns were drawn using a .005 Micron pen- tiny, tiny tip. This is approximately 9″x7″

Here are some photos:






I really was unsure about adding color- adding just one color seems to be my style. I have a style! Who knew?

Right now I’m writing this (how’s that for a now inappropriately used word… We aren’t writing as that involves using a pencil, pen or marker, etc o paper, chalkboard, even skin. Hmmm. I’ll come back to that!) on my phone and it hinders me from writing (sigh) fluidly.

And for those who wondered- I did not use color in the hummingbird but plan to copy it so I can color that one.

Enjoy and keep expressing yourself!

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  1. ha ha ha Yes you do have a style! I am still looking for mine! hahaha I like the bright yellow, seems fitting for a butterfly. your details blow me away Kat! So cool. I am sleepy, and I have been trying to post to Lesli’s site, but it is showing today’s and not tomorrow’s… so I am going to hit the sack. Can’t wait to see this when you have finished!

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    • Sheila, What a great friend- I just posted it and you commented! I spent months with no readers or commenters, so it blesses me SO much when you comment! Go to sleep before you get a second wind!


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