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Art Liberated and Received Part 2


I’m continuing on with the postcards I’ve received through the Liberate Your Art postcard swap hosted by Kat Sloma… This will be a constantly changing post until I get it all completed, so please come back.

These are Side Swaps, exchanged outside the swap official. They are fun to arrange and receive, too!


This colorful card is from Sarah Calhoun of Atlanta, Georgia. So pretty!


This one came from Manila, Philippines from Lui (can’t remember her last name). She has a blog at http://Luiisinheaven.Blogspot.com as well as http://hounds heaven.blogspot.com.  “This is…Ms. Moth caught…before she weaves a net around her where she hibernates for weeks before she emerges into a moth! Ms. Moth tells me that whatever changes in the weather, it will always be right in my world!”

I Liberated Art!


This post is the first of two pages– this page is complete but the second is not… yet, but I will have about 20 postcards to share. Please come back!

Every year, I find great joy in participating in Kat Sloma’s LIBERATE YOUR ART postcard swap. This year, I not only got six through the swap, but exchanged extras with about 20 others!

Posting them all will take time so keep coming back until I indicate that I’m done. 

 First: Cows from Maryland, from Charlotte Prado…  

She lives in Annapolis, MARYLAND, USA AND SAID “Enjoy this liberated photograph until the cows come home.”

Next, a Beautiful! old barn in Scholls, Oregon by Pat Mark of Tigard, OR. She owns Serendipity Photography and is on Instagram @PatMark and Flickr as Patricia Mark… 

   On the back, it has a great quote:  “If you want to keep your memories, you first have to live them…” Bob Dylan.

This one is about a bird’s eye view, created by Jewels jnoman@charter.net. 


Now from wine country in Ontario Canada, a multi-photograph one by Elena Galey-Pride of Winestains.Ca  Here is a gorgeous postcard of a sunset in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii with a lovely quote -from Vicki Ducham of Pine Bush, NY.  Website : outofhand-altered books.blogspot.com The quote on the front is a favorite: “Nothing is worth more than this day.”– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

From Teresa Harrington Hazelbaker of Powder Springs, GA  comes a spectacular flower card  she named Golden Slippers, along with a song.

  “Can’t you just image the fairies dancing in these ‘golden slippers’ displayed in this orange Daylily?”

  Oh my! Macaroons from France! I’ve never tasted a macaroon but I’d like to! This was taken by Deanie Houghtaling, of AZ.

  The back has a very favorite quote of mine: “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home” – Twyla Tharp.

Next, this intense one is from Linda Ursin of Norway entitled Raven Wing. Her website is http://Svehex.redbubble.com


And last on THIS post is the beautiful “Wonder” by Sherry Harmes of  Alaska, She lives on a remote island named Amook Island, off of Kodiak Island.  Her motto? Conceive Believe Achieve!  


I think I’d better continue this in Liberated Art Part 2! Continue on next post, please…