Art Liberated and Received Part 2


I’m continuing on with the postcards I’ve received through the Liberate Your Art postcard swap hosted by Kat Sloma… This will be a constantly changing post until I get it all completed, so please come back.

These are Side Swaps, exchanged outside the swap official. They are fun to arrange and receive, too!


This colorful card is from Sarah Calhoun of Atlanta, Georgia. So pretty!


This one came from Manila, Philippines from Lui (can’t remember her last name). She has a blog at as well as http://hounds  “This is…Ms. Moth caught…before she weaves a net around her where she hibernates for weeks before she emerges into a moth! Ms. Moth tells me that whatever changes in the weather, it will always be right in my world!”

About Kat, aka "Arty_Kat"

I'm an artist, photographer, teacher, writer, art doll maker, and retired therapist (among other things). I love words - written, sung, read, quoted, printed... and pictures, whether photos, paintings, drawings... and color. LOTS of color! Except for when I'm drawing Zentangle® Art! My primary site is

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