I’ve been Tangling like mad!

I’ve been Tangling like mad!

one thing I like to do is to encourage my refers and followers on other social mediums (such as Instagram) to let their imaginations free to see and feel things while looking at my art. For example, it might evoke the ocean and seashells, sand, seagulls, and waves when you see my abstract tile. I’ve seeing my own art through others’ eyes. Take a look at these… What do YOU see?


     Hope you will tell me your thoughts soon!

Live a colorful life,


About Kat, aka "Arty_Kat"

I'm an artist, photographer, teacher, writer, art doll maker, and retired therapist (among other things). I love words - written, sung, read, quoted, printed... and pictures, whether photos, paintings, drawings... and color. LOTS of color! Except for when I'm drawing Zentangle® Art! My primary site is HeartsUntangled.com

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    • Sheila you are the best friend! I hadn’t seen the sand and pebbles but I sure can now!

      Thanks for always encouraging me. It means the world!

      Kat Sent from my iPhone in Beautiful Appalachia



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