My First Diva Challenge!


I am so excited because my trip to Rhode Island to attend the 20th CZT session is less than 2 weeks away! When it’s over, all being well, I will be a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I’m a retired grief and trauma resolution therapist and have lots of ideas brewing about merging the two (therapeutic drawing).

I recently discovered an Instagram page @iamthediva and subsequently found out about her challenges. Go to I Am The Diva website to see what I mean. This week is #221 Beads of Courage, and my Zentangle tile has three patterns that contain “beads.

Do go to the site and find #221 and read it all the way through.

One of my “bead” patterns is one I created but I’m sure it already exists. It is called Beanz because the core looks like a coffee bean within a bead, with a black small bead between them on a strand. It’s at the bottom of this photo.
Hope I did this right!

Take care,


PS I made a second tile, and it is the next post. Please visit and see it! It is for challenge.

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