So much to catch up on

So much to catch up on

and no time tonight in which to do it! I attended the CZT Training in Providence Rhode Island and would go back in a heartbeat. It was absolutely magnificent and met the needs I had and many I didn’t even realize I had! 

I have been tangling like mad since returning, and today I made the front of a 5×7 notecard. This was the largest I’ve done without a stencil or outline yet. Here it is… 

   I sent a few photos with it as my friend, the recipient, has no computer and has no idea what Zentangle is. 
Speaking of Zentangle, I am holding a workshop BASIC ZENTANGLE 101 here on July 25th at the Art Center. Yay 

Take care, and create some art today,


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    • Thank you so much!✨💖✨ I feel so much more confident than before! And I wish I could bottle our excess rain that is causing horrid flooding and mail it to you!


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