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Some recent Art and News

Some recent Art and News
This is a tile and tangle we did at seminar CZT-20

This is a tile and tangle we did at seminar CZT-20

Well, once again I am playing catch up! Since I was last here, I’ve been keeping quite busy drawing tangles daily! I am also scheduled to teach Basic Zentangle Art 101 at our local art center on July 25th! Very nervous but it will be ok after the first 15 minutes, I’m sure.

I have taught a private class to my adult daughter and husband, and here is a mosaic of their work (mine is on the left). I must’ve done something right because their tiles are Beautiful!
My first class ever!

I have also been dabbling at larger non-stenciled works – just free-flow tangling.

Here are two examples:


A few more pieces I’ve completed…A Stacked Tile

This was a lot of fun!

What do you see?

I would love to read what these look like to you, or what they remind you of… Which is your favorite?

Comments make my day!

Keep being creative- the world needs YOUR creativity!