An Idea

An Idea

I really do enjoy drawing the bookmarks and actually, I have drawn one today as you can see below. 


i love the powerful statement in this pattern

I’ve decided to take my bookmarks to the local printer and to laminate prints not originals. What do you think?


About Kat, aka "Arty_Kat"

I'm an artist, photographer, teacher, writer, art doll maker, and retired therapist (among other things). I love words - written, sung, read, quoted, printed... and pictures, whether photos, paintings, drawings... and color. LOTS of color! Except for when I'm drawing Zentangle® Art! My primary site is

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  1. This is a lovely design. Definitely, do copies and laminate them. Great to be able to keep the original and keep getting prints from it. 🙂 Works well for me. I often crop my art app paintings into bookmarks on my iPad and then print an A4 page full of them, laminate the sheet…then they are cut out from the sheet..All the best, Janette.

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