So busy doing…

So busy doing…

…That I’ve not been blogging! Very sorry as now I’m woefully behind. But one must make a start…

I am preparing for a festival called Celebration of the Arts held this coming Saturday. I only found out about it a couple of weeks ago so I’ve been madly creating. One of my students from my first class has graciously invited me to share her space free of charge. So kind of her! I didn’t even know it was happening if not for her!

Here are some of my wares (click to enlarge):

First tile, 3.5 x 3.5

Zentangle® tile, 3.5 x 3.5″. There will be about 50 or 60 to choose from, which can then be placed in a frame


A stacked Tile of Tangles


Bookmarks , 7×10″ not including the laminate. Watercolor with  Micron black ink over top.

I have many more stones that I have tangled upon and then sealed. They vary in size, shape and color.

I have many more stones that I have tangled upon and then sealed. They vary in size, shape and color.

I have more work I’ve completed but I’ll add that later. I have brochures to print and fold as well as more bookmarks and stones to tangle. I have artwork that is framed already and some matted and sealed.  Whew!

I will take photos to share here, and a full report!

And a reminder that I started an Instagram community of tanglers called @heart.tangles, open to anyone who does any kind of tangley art. Come check us out! We are 300 strong now!

Most importantly, Keep Creating!


About Kat, aka "Arty_Kat"

I'm an artist, photographer, teacher, writer, art doll maker, and retired therapist (among other things). I love words - written, sung, read, quoted, printed... and pictures, whether photos, paintings, drawings... and color. LOTS of color! Except for when I'm drawing Zentangle® Art! My primary site is

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  1. Okay, I know you posted this in August, but I just now noticed the pastel-colored bookmarks. They’re so lovely, Kathryn! Not to mention something that readers would use all the time. I’m thrilled that you’re using your talent in a way that you enjoy so much. Love you!

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