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Creativity Notebook Prompt #1


While I have a new business blog that has my Zentangle work, I do want to use this one for exploring my creativity. I recently enrolled in a Udemy course that is taught by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Big Magic as well as Eat, Pray, Love. I adored Big Magic and recommend it for anyone who is creative or who seeks to be creative. It is fantastic.

Anyway… This is now my creativity notebook, and the following was our first prompt. This is a place other classmates can visit to read my thoughts as well.

Prompt #1.

I answered several questions.
The last thing I wondered- or had curiosity about- is nature. Specifically, types of birds that we saw on a walk recently: a killdeer and a cedar waxwing. I want to find out more and I want to photograph more wildlife.
The last time I had creative flow was working on an organic tile with henna drum and Sanibelle. I love plant/nature related Zentangle tiles.
What I love to do most at age 8 was to swing at the Catholic grade school on the very tall swings. I also loved to read and to ride my bike to a little pond at Saint Benedict’s seminary and spread out a blanket to read.

  • My superpowers are: facial recognition. (I am able to spot similar faces and faces that are aging just as easily as a forensic computer.)
  • Nature photography
  • Listening skills
  • Zentangle Teacher
  • Compassion
  • Kindness

What I would do for a living if I wasn’t afraid: publish books, calendars, and notecards with my art and quotes or my own words.
What themes do I see?
Love for nature
Love of art and photography
Love of organic (plants and flowers) tangles.
What is exciting to me?
Working on art and photography outside
Drawing nature tangles
What do I want to start creating?
Focus on organic/nature oriented tangles
Collect and use quotations on tangles and on photography
Discover how to get an art or coloring book published
Notecards and Calendars

That’s it for now. To see my art and photography blog, please visit