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My Art Liberated and Art Received!

My Art Liberated and Art Received!

On February 17, 2014 I wrote about the postcard swap through Kat Sloma. I sent out six cards – five to swap with others from all over the world, and one for Kat herself. This event is a highlight in my life each time it is held, and this third year is no exception. It actually becomes more fun every time because each time I am better prepared and more pleased with what I’m sending.

If you refer back to that previously mentioned post, you can see the photo of the cards I had made for trade. I want to share with you the art I received now.

1. This one is from Michelle in Virginia, USA . Her website is http://busyweekends.com



2. This one was from Claire in the UK. She wrote at the bottom “Excuse my wonky writing – I’m a stroke survivor.” Her website is http://anotherdeepday.blogspot.co.uk



3. This one is from Sue Williams of New Bern, North Carolina, USA. I am a birder and I photograph birds a lot! I really love this (love them all, of course!). This one has a special cancellation mark – from The National Postal Museum Station at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC! Kat mailed these from there – how cool is that?



4. This one is from Barbara in the Pacific Northwest, USA. She is “mthoodmama” on Instagram and Flickr. I met her through the swap (online not in person) for the last three swaps, and follow her on both photo sites. I’m “Arty_Kat” on both sites, BTW.



5. This one is from Lisa Wolf and her email is listed as lwgoldendog@gmail.com



6. The last one was from Kat Sloma, our Liberate Your Art Host! Her website is http://kateyestudio.com
And is is FULL of wonderful things to see and do!



The next post will have the extra swaps I’ve received thus far! I am always looking for more swapsies!