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What I’ve been tangling… 

What I’ve been tangling… 

Here are photos… Click to enlarge:

Tripoli X4


this looks like bugs under the rug or something like that! ive only done two black tiles prior to this one. They take some getting used to!


Another rolled back tile. this shows the structure!

And when I wasn’t tangling, I was out in my motorized chair catching special moments in nature. 

Looking for apples

Beautiful cat who wasnt afraid of Bella, my dog!

Make a wish!

Apples everywhere…except our yard.

Sunflowers , from seeds dropped by the birds. I’ll save the seeds for winter when the birds can’t find seed as easily

Take Care, and stay creative,



My First Diva Challenge!


I am so excited because my trip to Rhode Island to attend the 20th CZT session is less than 2 weeks away! When it’s over, all being well, I will be a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I’m a retired grief and trauma resolution therapist and have lots of ideas brewing about merging the two (therapeutic drawing).

I recently discovered an Instagram page @iamthediva and subsequently found out about her challenges. Go to I Am The Diva website to see what I mean. This week is #221 Beads of Courage, and my Zentangle tile has three patterns that contain “beads.

Do go to the site and find #221 and read it all the way through.

One of my “bead” patterns is one I created but I’m sure it already exists. It is called Beanz because the core looks like a coffee bean within a bead, with a black small bead between them on a strand. It’s at the bottom of this photo.
Hope I did this right!

Take care,


PS I made a second tile, and it is the next post. Please visit and see it! It is for http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com challenge.