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5-6/30 (5-6/365) Thirty Paintings in 30 Days

5-6/30 (5-6/365) Thirty Paintings in 30 Days

I got behind! I knew it would happen but it’s okay.


This Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA) is a 4″ tile that I applied watercolor paint to then I drew a quilty grid. I wanted it to look like a quilt with individual patchwork squares of zentangle.

I planned to put color on the grid, and still might. Here are all four views.





And one more photo:


Have any of you read these? I am serious about listening to/being inspired by my two muses this year. I am going to CREATE this year! I always put that part of myself last- because i want to do it so badly. like not opening a present right away, or feeling like I have to somehow earn it. Like not ever eating desert because I’m saving it until the dishes/kitchen/floors/everyroom in the house are clean! Anyone elso put off having/watching/going/doing the things you like because of internal task master says “WAIT! Do THIS first…” ? This year I am going to lick this thing or die trying!

What books have helped you?

3/30 (3/365) 30 Paintings in 30 Days


This is on a 4″ tile similar to what I normally use for Zentangle. However, I’ve never used round ones. I had hoped to use these for mandalas but this one happened! The paint had a mind of its own!



There are many faces that showed up in this- at first it looked like a map to me, then the faces started to make themselves known!

Learning to Accept the Transitions of My Life Through Creative Expression

Learning to Accept the Transitions of My Life Through Creative Expression

I am a very new artist when it comes to watercolor (I may spell it “watercolour” as my husband is an Englishman and I married into the language. Trust me, it IS different!). I have been a creative and expressive person all my life, but always looked forward to retirement when I’d have time to myself. I have three adult children (all disabled in different ways) and was a full-time psychotherapist in different settings all my adult life.

Now, I have time. I have thrown myself into photography, which I adore, but want to recreate some photo scenes in paint form. My husband has retired early due to disability (me, too… We’re a mess!) but now also suffers from early-onset dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease. This is as demanding on me as raising my children, so retirement doesn’t look like I had imagined. It’s not his fault but instead of stress going down, it is high every day with no days off.

Because of these pressures (my two adult disabled daughters live with us and there is friction at times – A lot, as my husband has unreasonably high expectations of them, and they both like to coast), I am in desperate need of a creative outlet.

So, starting now, January 1, 2014 (ok, it’s after midnight but so what) I am dedicating myself to accepting this transition in my life AND making time for creativity!

Here is a fast little painting I made for a friend. I know it isn’t a masterpiece,  but if I think that way I’ll never create… so I am banishing the horribly mean art critic who demands perfection- she lives in my head- and just DOING it.